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Dr. Karamanoukian Testimonials




These are testimonials from recent patients treated at the Vein Treatment Center by Dr. Karamanoukian.



The Vein Treatment Center is a National Center of Excellence for Venous Disorders and DiseasesTM



Dr. Karamanoukian and his nurses are wonderful and made me very comfortable during my scheduled procedures. The 5 star treatment started when I went in for the consultation and continued during every visit. I appreciate that as a health care professional myself.  He's a 'doctor's doctor', meaning the type of doctor that other doctors use for their care.  That's the highest compliment given to a physician and surgeon.  JS, Rochester



The patient education materials that Dr. Karamanoukian sent me was outstanding. He clearly has spent time developing and writing these books. The fact that my legs felt much better after the procedures further strengthened my confidence in his abilities as a vein specialist. I have recommended him highly to my friends and relatives. GD, Lockport



I read about the different ways to treat venous reflux and didn't know where to go until I read about the Vein Treatment Center. I was apprehensive and the doctor did the scan himself, did the examination himself and also went into detail about the benefits and limitations of each procedure. I chose to have the Clarivein procedure for one leg and VNUS Closure for the other. His nurses took care of all the insurance end of my concerns and all I had to do was show up for my procedure. It was streamlined and akin to my experiences at the Mayo Clinic where I had mitral valve repair and at the Cleveland Clinic where I take my mom for her orthopedic needs. Dr. Karamanoukian is one of a kind. Than YOU and God Speed.  GR, Toronto



I am a physician assistant and a patient of Dr. Karamanoukian. He treated my leg veins and this enabled me to work long hours in my clinical rotations when I was a student. I have recommended him highly to others and continue to send him referrals from the wound center where I work as a physician assistant. I respect the good work that he does in taking care patients with venous insufficiency. VK, Williamsville.



"The best compliment I get from patients is when they refer me a friend or relative as a new patient ... "  (Dr. Karamanoukian quote)


"The second best compliment I get when referring physicians themselves come to see me as new patients or refer a family member or spouse  .... That means a lot to me .... "  (Dr. Karamanoukian quote)






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