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Miami Vein Center study with the 1470 nm Laser by Jose Almeida and collegaues
Monday, December 3, 2012



"The 2 primary objectives of this study were to investigate whether the 1470-nm wavelength laser (EVLT, EVLA) can close a saphenous vein painlessly and determine safety, efficacy, and side effects".


The study abstract is shown verbatim.


"The study was conducted by ALmeida and colleagues at the Miami Vein Center and the University of Miami. In all, 26 limbs were treated with a radially-emitting fiber at low energy ranging from 20 J/cm to 30 J/cm. Then 41 veins were treated with the 1470-nm laser at 30 J/cm at 5 watts, using standard perivenous tumescent anesthesia in Miami and compared to a historical control (980 nm, 80 J/cm, and 12 watts). We demonstrated that the 1470-nm wavelength endovenous laser system could not close saphenous veins without use of anesthesia".


"Closure with a dramatic reduction in energy when compared to a 980-nm wavelength control demonstrated a marked reduction in postoperative pain and ecchymosis; this implies that vein-wall perforations are minimized with this system".


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