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What do I feel with the ClariVein Procedure ?
Monday, December 3, 2012


What is involved with the ClariVein Procedure ?


The ClariVein procedure is performed using a single needle stick using local anesthesia. The leg is prepped and draped and using the area which has been 'numbed', the catheter is inserted and positioned under ultrasound guidance. The catheter tip is positioned below the saphenofemoral junction and the device is checked. Activation of the device causes rotation of the tip which delivers rotational energy agitating the inner lining of the vein.  At the same time sclerosant solution is infused through the end of the catheter as the catheter is slowly withdrawn down the vein. The combination of the rotating tip and the sclerosing solution causes the vein to obliterate.


What will I feel during the ClariVein procedure?


There will be a needle prick as the local anaesthetic is infiltrated at the start of the procedure. This is like a local anesthetic used to remove a mole from the skin. Once the atheter tip starts to rotate patients describe a vibrational sensation. Sometimes the tip of the catheter may catch a valve of the vein which requires a slight tug to release. This is painless. The catheter is repositioned and the procedure is restarted. What are the advantages of ClariVein?


Since the ClariVein Procedure does not require deeper anesthesia, the level of discomfort is graded '1 out of 10' for most patients. The most common comment that is made after the procedure is completed is "are you really done?"


This is a new technique and results regarding long term efficacy are not available. However, results suggest 96% successful vein closure at one year – which is comparable to EVLT or the Venefit Procedure (previously called VNUS Closure).


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