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Sclerotherapy and visual disturbances - study from the UK
Saturday, December 8, 2012


A recently published study looked at the effect of sclerotherapy on visual disturbances and reported that:


1. There were no persistent visual disorders reporte.


2. Visual disturbances occurred with polidocanol and sodium tetradecyl sulphate in different concentrations (0.25-3%).


3. "Various forms of foam preparation including various ways of foam production and the liquid - air ratio (1 or 2 parts of liquid mixed with 3, 4 or 5 parts of air) were reported in association with the occurrence of visual disturbances.


4. Visual disturbances following sclerotherapy for varicose veins are rare and all reported events were transient.


5. Bubble embolism or any kind of embolism seems unlikely to be the only underlying mechanism. A systemic inflammatory response following sclerotherapy has been suggested. Further research to clarify the mechanism of action of sclerosants is required.


The study was published in Phlebology, November 2012 (e publication) by Willenberg T et al.


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