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Infantile hemangiomas treated successfully with sclerotherapy
Saturday, December 8, 2012


A recent study looked at sclerotherapy as a tool to treat infantile hemangiomas.


The study is published in Journal Cutan Aneast Surg 2012 (July), pages 201-203.


The study shows that "Sclerotherapy is a simple, technically easy and effective mode of treatment for infantile hemangiomas (IH). It acts by blocking the growth of actively proliferating lesions, by targeting their vascularity accelerating their regression. Polidocanol is a commonly used sclerosant. We report two interesting cases of IH treated solely with polidocanol sclerotherapy and discuss the unique place this modality has in the armamentarium against IH. Sclerotherapy was found to be especially useful for large, exuberant and pedunculated lesions, producing rapid regression and preventing the disfiguring sequelae which are likely if large or pedunculated lesions are left to involute on their own".


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