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Iliocaval Stenting for Iliocaval Obstruction and DVT - Buffalo
Thursday, December 13, 2012



Iliocaval Stenting for Iliocaval Obstruction



Iliocaval stenting has been the treatment of choice for iliofemorocaval obstruction. It has replaced 'bypass procedures' and has improved patency outcomes. Using ultrasound imaging, the veins are accessed and intravenous ultrasound used to visualize the iliocaval thrombus (clot). A balloon is used to dilate the scarred thrombus and a self expanding stent is deployed in the stenotic lesion. Commonly used diameters for stnets are 12–14 mm with a technical success rate exceeding 95%. Studies have shown significant improvement of the Venous clinical severity score (VCSS) from an average value of 8.5 to 2. Patency rates at 3 years exceeded 73% with 97% survival at 5 years according to a study by Hartung and colleagues in the Journal of Vascular Surgery 2005.


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