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What occupations increase the likelihood of developing varicose veins ? Buffalo vein Expert
Sunday, December 16, 2012



What occupations increase the likelihood of developing varicose veins ?



There are many occupations that predispose individuals to develop varicose veins and this has been substantiated from the phlebology literature. Phlebologists are vein specialists who take care of spider veins, varicose veins, venous insufficiency and complications arising from untreated or poorly treated vein conditions.


It has been my clinical experience that it is not only the factory laborers that develop varicose veins. Professions that are at increased risk because they stand or sit a lot are : 


Doctors and nurses


Secretaries and administrative assistants




Hair dressers and barbers


Airline pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers


911 dispatchers


Retail workers


Barteners and waitresses


Truck drivers, cabbies and school bus drivers


Quality control technicians

  • Factory workers and machinists


Massage therapists, Physical therapists and Occupational therapists


Coffee house baristas


Fast food chain workers




Bank tellers


and many many more



If you have an occupation which demands that you sit or stand for a long time, get up and move - walk regularly and move your legs. Simply walking for 1 minute every 15-30 minutes can activate your calf muscle pump and pump stagnant blood out of the legs. Stagnant bood causes chronic inflammation of the vein valves which results in venous insufficciency. Venous insufficiency is the harbinger of varicose veins, spider veins, symptoms of swelling and aching in the legs and also trophic skin changes of the skin.




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