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We don't make cuts or incisions to take care of most vein problems says Buffalo Vein Expert Dr. Karamanoukian of
Friday, December 21, 2012


Most of the procedures we do for venous insufficiency require 1 or 2 needle sticks and the rest of the procedures, such as vein stripping and ligation procedures, are relegated to the history books (for the most part) and are performed today by general surgeons.


The procedures we do today that follow EVLT laser or VNUS Closure use non surgical techniques with no cuts, no sutures and return to work IMMEDIATELY !  There is no down time.


That's right, you can have great legs at any age if you take preventive measures and walk every day, wear compression stockings, exercise your leg muscles to keep the 'calf muscle pump' strong and take some natural supplements which have been shown to help prevent venous insufficiency (read Dr. Karamanoukian's books about horse chestnut extract and bioflavonoids) - you can also visit my website to read and purchase Veinamin supplements.


The main aim of the treatments offered by Dr. Karamanoukian is to provide the highest possible comfort with treatments that have efficacy and proven track record in the scientific literature. We have also strived to provide all of the above while maximizing the aesthetic results desired by patients with venous diseases. 


We have the spectrum of procedures that allow return to work 'smae day or following day' :




  • ClariVein procedure - one needle stick procedure for venous reflux


  • VenaCure EVLT Never Touch


  • VNUS Closure Fast, also known as Venefit Procedure


  • VenaCure EVLT peroforator vein Procedure


  • Foam Sclerotherapy


  • Topical laser treatments


  • Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy


  • Microphlebectomy



These procedures assure a high level of safety with minimal incisions and scarring potential.


Our patients return to work immediately after the procedures or the day after in more than 99% of cases. We do not encourage patients to take time off from work unless they lift heavy things (> 40 ounds) at work. The only activity we discourage is weight lifting at a gym for 48 hours after the procedure.


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