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Towards Evidence Based Care of Venous Stasis Ulcers with Compression Stockings and Dressings - Buffalo, NY
Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Important things to know about venous stasis ulcer treatment and compression therapy


  1. Evidence for the use of expensive dressings is lacking
  2. Cochrane collaboration did not find that any dressing is better than another
  3. The VULCAN trial did not show any benefit of silver impregnated dressings in regards to ulcer healing
  4. Compression therapy is the mainstay of any treatment for venous stasis ulcers
  5. Any compression is better than no compression in the healing of venous stasis ulcers
  6. Four layer bandages are better in healing venous stasis ulcers than short-stretch bandages
  7. Multilayer bandages with elastic components are better for healing ulcers than those with inelastic components
  8. Adjustable compression boots are as effective as compression bandages in healing venous stasis ulcers



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