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Who may benefit from wearing compression stockings ?
Friday, February 8, 2013


Almost anyone can benefit from wearing 10-15 mm HG compression stockings. But, patients with known venous insufficiency will definitely get symptoms relief from wearing 20-30 mm Hg stockings.


Whether you are sitting or standing at work or running errands around town, wearing compression stockings will reduce leg fatigue and reduce venous blood pooling in the legs. However, it is not so important to wear them while you exercise your leg muscles, as the 'leg muscle pump' can adequately pump blood out of the legs.


There are companies that are 'pushing' for athletes to wear 'sports stockings', but this is basically a gimmick to sell costly low grade compression stockings. You can easily purchase these types of stockings for less than $10 a pair at your local Wal Mart or spend 40 dollars a pair and waste a lot of money.


Medical grade compression stockings are graduated and provide reliable 20-30 mm Hg pressure whether it is measured at the ankle, mid calf or upper leg or thigh. That is why they are expensive to produce. I recommend brand names like Juzo, MediVein and several of the major brands. If they are not covered by your insurance, it is worthwhile to pay for several pairs of these stockings and to wear them daily and regularly at work.


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