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Can you be treated with EVLT if you have had ligation of saphenous veins ? EVLT or The Venefit Procedure
Friday, November 23, 2012


Can you have endovenous ablation procedures (EVLT or VNUS Closure) after having had proper vein ligation?


Patients come in to see us 10, 15 or more years after having had a 'vein ligation' procedure and want to know if they are candidates for ablation procedures with lasers or radiofrequency devices (VNUS Closure). The answer is, 'sometimes".


The Venefit Procedure is previously called VNUS Closure, VNUS Closure FAST.


The reason is that in some individuals, the surgeon may have failed to ligate a second branch of the saphenous vein. Some reports show that up to 27% of cases, there is a duplication of the great saphenous vein. As such, once one vein is ligated, there is reflux through the other branch, which is amenable to ablation with the EVLT or VNUS Closure procedure.


Also, patients can be treated with EVLT for perforator refluxing veins, whether or not they have had a ligation procedure by another surgeon.


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