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9 Reasons Exercise Helps the Cardiovascular System
Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are very busy warding off stresses related to these dire economic times. Some may wonder why it is important to exercise and why we need to set aside time from our hectic schedules to work out daily. If you are dragging yourself to complete your daily tasks and commitments, remember these reasons to exercise:

1. Exercise lowers the blood pressure - it is counterintuitive, but exercise does reduce blood pressure. Several minutes into your exercise routine, the arteries in your body vasodilate (get larger) and cause blood pressure to drop. A sustained exercise routine keeps your blood pressure low.

2. Exercise Lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) - LDL or low density lipoprotein has been shown to decrease in individuals who exercise routinely. This is a healthy way to reduce the bad cholesterol.

3. Exercise raises the good cholesterol (HDL) - High density lipoprotein has been shown to increase with routine exercise. The higher your HDL, the less your cardiovascular risk for coronary events such as heart attacks and strokes.

4. Exercise lowers the triglycerides- the tryglycerides are the fatty molecules in the bloodstream.

5. Exercise lowers elevated blood glucose levels - Diabetics who exercise regularly develop increased lean body mass (muscle) as opposed to fat stores and this in turn picks up elevated blood sugar levels. Metabolism of excessive glucose levels can normalize glucose levels in individuals with diabetes.

6. Exercise reduces total body fat - Exercise reduces total body fat by metabolising it as an energy source. Gram for gram, fat contains 2.25 times the amount of calories as glucose and is therefore a preferred source of calories in individuals that are consuming more energy than they are taking in - such as in weight watchers.

7. Exercise helps burn calories - Simply put, exercise burns calories ! So, stop your sedantary life and get rolling on a regimented exercise program.

8. Exercise increases blood flow to the legs and coronary arteries - Exercise delivers more blood and therefore more oxygen and nutrients to the heart, brain and limbs.

9. Exercise reduces Stress - Last but not least, exercise reduces stress and is very relaxing to the brain and psyche.

I hope this article helps convince you to exercise routinely and live a 'heart healthy life".

You can read more about the heart by reading excerpts of my book on 'google books' - "Doctor, How Do I Live the Heart Healthy Way"

I invite you to share your personal thoughts on cardiovascular health with me.


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