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Various Classifications of Venous Insufficiency at the Saphenofemoral Juction - and
Saturday, August 10, 2013


In a report published in the August 2013 volume of the journal Phlebology, Dr. M. Stucker and colleagues have published an analysis of the different types of venous insufficiency noted at the saphenofemoral junction by Duplex venous ultrasonography. 
The authors summarized that three different types of venous insufficiency could differentiate therapy of the great saphenous vein by the newer ablation technologies.  The authors have reported roles of the preterminal vein as well as the terminal vein at the saphenofemoral junction and have classified three subcategories.
Type I is an incompetent femoral and competent preterminal valve causing venous insufficiency. 
Type II is a competent terminal valve but incompetent preterminal valve. 
Type III saphenofemoral insufficiency is defined by an incompetent terminal and an preterminal valves which implies complete incompetence. 
The authors have concluded that the differentiation of the distinct types of saphenofemoral junction venous insufficiency and valve incompetence allows a more individual and perhaps more effective therapy to treat venous insufficiency.
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