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Sunday, August 11, 2013




A recent study published in the journal Phlebology in August of 2003 by C. Blazek and colleagues studied the use of compression stockings in a cohort of hairdressers to see if it reduces leg swelling and discomfort.  108 hairdressers were randomized to wear medical compression stockings and the results of the study showed that medical compression stockings significantly reduced the symptoms score for pain and also feelings of leg swelling. Compression stockings were also found to help 1) reduce sleep disturbance, 2) reduce feelings of having unattractive legs and 3) reduce depression related to having leg problems. 


The conclusion of the study was that individuals working in a standing profession experience leg pain, leg swelling, heaviness in the legs and various other disturbing feelingsand that these feelings can be alleviated by wearing low strength medical compression stockings.


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