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ESCHAR Study on venous stasis ulcers - ulcer healing and ulcer recurrence -
Sunday, August 11, 2013



The ESCHAR study was conducted in 500 patients in 500 legs with open or recently healed venous stasis ulcers and confirmed superficial venous reflux disease by Duplex venous scanning.


The main outcome measures of the ESCHAR study were ulcer healing and ulcer recurrence with secondary outcomes of measurement being ‘freedom from ulcer recurrence’. 


The background of the study is that venous stasis ulcers are expensive to treat on the health care system and alter a patient’s Quality of Life (QOL) outcome  measures.  The incidence of venous stasis ulceration is 1%  to 4% in the general population and increases dramatically an incidence in those above the age of 80.  The effect of surgery and compression healing and recurrence rates of venous  stasis ulceration was not known until the study was performed.  Study showed that superficial venous surgery in addition to compression therapy for chronic venous leg ulcer reduce ulcer recurrence and improve ulcer free time when compared with compression alone.


What is known about this topic is that 1) chronic venous stasis ulceration is common and an extensive clinical problem and 2) that venous reflux and superficial veins is commonly seen in patients with venous stasis ulceration.


What this study shows is a correction of superficial venous reflux disease in addition to compression bandaging does not improve ulcer healing rates.  However surgical correction can reduce the chances of recurrent ulceration and increase ulcer free time.


The study was published in the British Medical Journal in 2007, volume 335


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