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What is the American College of Phlebology? Vein Treatment Center Buffalo Niagara serving Southern Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Venous disorders are generally not life threatening - they affect millions of people on a daily basis. Phlebology is the medical practice specializing in vein disorders and draws on physicians with diverse specialty backgrounds. The American Medical Association has recently recognized phlebology as a medical specialty. In Europe, however, phlebology has been recognized as a specialty for many years.


Traditional approaches to venous disorders such as vein stripping have left patients disabled with reduced quality of life. Historically, an insufficient number of practicing phlebologists in the United States failed to adequately train vascular surgeons in the less invasive, non-operative treatments. As such, focused experience and interest by phlebologists was slow – until NOW! The field of phlebology has advanced to the point of recognition by national societies and surgical disciplines. 


.The American College of Phlebology has grown to nearly 2,000 members. The goal of this society and phlebologists in general is to advance the specialty and to provide new skills and new techniques that will afford patients with venous disorders healthier and more productive lives.


Dr. Karamanoukian is Board Certified in Phlebology and has been since 2009. 



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