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Vein Valve Transplantation, Repair or Prosthesis ? Dr Karamanoukian Buffalo Niagara Vein Treatment Center
Wednesday, August 14, 2013




If you suffer from extremely serious venous reflux disease, your doctor may recommend surgery. This is more common when the affected veins are located in the groin or pelvis (iliac veins) rather than in your calves.  


Prosthetic Vein Valve Developed at Georgia Tech accessed from on November 13, 2011.


In this procedure, the surgeon will implant an artificial vein or a transplanted vein to treat the leaky vein valves. We do not advocate vein valve transplantation as it is unnecessary in 99.99% of cases! These procedures are frought with technical failure as vein valves are not durable and prone to scar and leak again following surgical manipulation.






For treatment of superficial venous insufficiency with the most up-to-date technologies including EVLT, laser technology, VNUS Closure  using radiofrequency energy and the Clarivein procedure contact Dr. Karamanoukian at the Vein Treatment Center with offices in Williamsville, New York and Clarence, New York.  Hratch Karamanoukian MD FACS is a board certified vein specialist (phlebologist).  Dr. Karamanoukian can be contacted directly through his website or or by calling 716-839-3638.


Self referrals and second opinions are welcome at the Vein Treatment Center in the Williamsville, New York and Clarence, New York.  We welcome Canadian patients at the Vein Treatment Center.






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