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Lipodermatosclerosis in Venous Insufficiency - Venous Insufficiency Treatment in Buffalo Niagara and
Thursday, August 29, 2013



Lipodermatosclerosis is a type of skin condition which is found in patients with chronic venous insufficiency.  Panniculitis is inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and is a relatively uncommon condition that usually presents with inflammation of the subcutaneous fat that is found in the lower extremities.  There are deep seated nodules and plaque which is characteristic of an inflammatory process located beneath the skin.  Additional features include ulceration of tissue such as venous stasis ulcers, atrophy of the skin and sclerosis (thickening) of the skin.  Tenderness is common but is not always a common feature in patients with lipodermatosclerosis with chronic venous insufficiency.


There are different types of panniculitis and lipodermatosclerosis is a subtype of panniculitis that is related to an inflammatory process.


Lipodermatosclerosis is also known as sclerosing panniculitis – it is a form of panniculitis.  It is almost always associated with chronic venous insufficiency.  There are indurated plaques and redness of the skin as well as swelling of the leg and hyperpigmentation of the skin.  The hyperpigmentation can be seen in one or both extremities and the extremity can take a look on an “upside down champagne bottle” – where the scarred and thickened skin of the lower legs pushes up the calf muscles, which gives the leg the appearance of an upside down bottle.


Histological features of lipodermatosclerosis include stasis dermatitis of the skin.  Later stages of the disease process show thickened skin (sclerosis), extensive fat atrophy with circumferential narrowing of the leg and on histological sections infiltrates of lymphocytes, histiocytes, and macrophages.


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