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Saturday, February 6, 2016


The Vein Treatment Center and are opening their new Orchard Park office on 3680 Eggert Road in the Village of Orchard Park on March 1st 2016.


Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS is the Medical Director for the Vein Treatment Center. He is a cardiovascular surgeon who specializes in venous treatment including treatments for venous insufficiency, varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins. 


Dr. Karamanoukian has added ultrasound credentials from ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) for the diagnosis of vascular disease including RVT (Registered Vascular Technician), RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation).


He also holds ultrasound credentials as a Registered Phlebology Sonographer from Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).


As a matter of fact, Dr. Karamanoukian has also developed a board exam prep website for physicians and sonographers studying for the Registered Phlebology Sonographer board certification examination. 


Call 716-839-3638 or 716-626-7700 to schedule an appointment for consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian.

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