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Should I wear compression stockings for venous insufficiency?
Monday, January 23, 2012

Yes, especially if you don't mind wearing them. Light compression stocking use can reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs, especially after standing for long periods of time. Airline stewardesses who wear light compression stockings (15 - 20 mm Hg) report markedly less leg edema (swelling) and less aching, tiredness and discomfort in the legs. Another benefit of wearing such support stockings during air travel is that it reduces the likelihood of forming blood clots (deep vein clots, DVT) in the legs. You cannot buy compression stockings off the rack from a pharmacy. For proper function, they must be fitted to accurately measures standards by professionals which are employed at medical durable supply stores. Find out from your phlebologist (vein specialist) a list of stores who specialize in venous compression garments.


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