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Venous ulcer healing with endovenous ablation of perforator veins with laser (EVLT)
Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A recent study from Turkey published in Photomed Laser Surgery 2012 (November; volume 30: page 672-677) looked at venous ulcer healing with identification and treatment of perforator veins using endovenous laser ablation using the 1470 nm laser energy.


Study authors Dumantepe and colleagues showed that "of the 23 treated incompetent perforator veins, 20 (86.9%) were occluded on the duplex examination at 12 months. The average energy administrated per perforating vein treated was 174 J (range 105-236 J). Four of five ulcers had healed after 8 weeks in clinical-etiology-anatomy-pathophysiology (CEAP) C6 group. Two patients reported localized paresthesia, which subsided spontaneously, but no deep venous thrombosis or skin burn was observed".


The authors of this study also looked at outcomes scoring: "All components of the Venous Clinical Severity Score (VCSS) demonstrated significant improvements at each postprocedural visit (p<0.001 for all), except for pigmentation and compression, which exhibited variation throughout the follow-up period".


Study Conclusions: "Especially in the case of liposclerotic or ulcerated skin in the affected region, EVLA of Iincompetent perforator veins with 1470 nm diode laser is highly effective and safe, and appears to be feasible".


Editor's Note: We utilize this technology at the Vein Treatment Center and and concur with the study findings from these vascular surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey.



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