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Connexins and vein valve development - aplasia and agenesis of vein valves
Friday, November 30, 2012


Connexins are involved vein valve development.


According to researchers in Arizona, "valved veins of the mouse, three gap junction proteins (Connexins, Cxs), Cx37, Cx43, and Cx47,are expressed exclusively in the valves in a highly polarized fashion, with Cx43 on the upstream side of the valve leaflet and Cx37 on the downstream side. Surprisingly, Cx43 expression is strongly induced in the non-valve venous endothelium in superficial veins following wounding of the overlying skin. Moreover, we show that in Cx37-deficient mice, venous valves are entirely absent. Thus, Cx37, a protein involved in cell-cell communication, is one of only a few proteins identified so far as critical for the development or maintenance of venous valves. Because Cxs are necessary for the development of valves in lymphatic vessels as well, our results support the notion of common molecular pathways controlling valve development in veins and lymphatic vessels".


The study was published by Dr Munger and colleagues in DevelomenBiology (November 2012).

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