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What is the treatment for spider veins and varicose veins at the ankle ?
Sunday, December 2, 2012

Corona Phlebectasia


A fan shaped pattern of small intradermal veins on the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle and foot is called corona phlebectatica. Corona implies that they "crown" the ankle. Corona phlebectatica is thought to be an early sign of advanced venous reflux disease. This reflux typically originates at the saphenofemoral junction with venous blood refluxing into the great saphenous vein. Less commonly, saphenopopliteal reflux into the lesser (short) saphenous vein is the underlying cause of corona phlebectatica. Other names for corona phlebectatica include "malleolar flare" and "ankle flare"


Corona phlebectatica, also called malleolar flare and ankle flare


So, how do you treat corona phlebectasia ? This condition indicates that there is venous insufficiency and for that we do an ultrasound Doppler study of the legs and see if there is venous insufficiency at the saphenofemoral junction. If this is diagnosed, then we recommend an endovenous ablation procedure using either one of these technologies:


1. Venefit Procedure

2. EVLT -endovenous laser therapy

3. Clarivein Procedure


All three of these are office procedures and they are selected based on patient's particular findings at ultrasound Doppler and other criteria determined at the time of consultation.


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Drs. Raffy and Hratch Karamanoukian have authored 6 books about venous disease. The books are available on Amazon Kindle and Nook books for download.



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